Best Practices
These best practices, supported by the California Partnership to Improve Dementia Care, are key in our effort to improve dementia care and move closer to the goal of ending misuse of antipsychotic medication in all California senior living environments.

Dementia Bill of Rights
Published in the American Journal of Alzheimer’s Care and Related Disorders and Research, the Best Friends™ Dementia Bill of Rights articulates a standard model of providing care for those living with dementia

Dementia Care Practice Recommendations for Assisted Living Residences and Nursing Homes
To better respond to the needs of residents in senior care living with dementia, the Alzheimer’s Association developed the evidence-based Dementia Care Practice Recommendations for Assisted Living Residences and Nursing Homes.

Dr. Al Power's Guidelines for Antipsychotic Drugs in Dementia
Dr. Al Power is a geriatrician, author, musician, and an international educator on transformational models of care for older adults, particularly those living with changing cognitive abilities. Here Dr. Power provides preliminary comments, concerns and guidelines on the use of antipsychotic drugs in dementia.

Guiding Principles for Dementia Care
Guiding Principles for Dementia Care, developed by the National Center for Assisted Living, was written to improve the assisted living professional and para-professional staff’s understanding of the complexities of care needed by residents with dementia.

Key Elements of Dementia Care
The Alzheimer’s Association created Key Elements of Dementia Care to define, describe and illustrate dementia-capable care in residential care. Key Elements of Dementia Care is a guide for providers (owners, operators, administrators and hands-on staff) as they develop or enhance existing programs for people with dementia.

National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative Change Package
A curated collection of great ideas & practices to create lasting change in your nursing home, this change package is intended for nursing homes participating in the National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative led by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Medicare Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organizations (QIN-QIOs), to improve care for the millions of nursing home residents across the country.


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